CARE Art Contest Promotes Drug-Free Student Life

Each year local elementary and middle school students draw their original interpretations of the dangers of substance abuse. This project began as a way to entice children to think about the consequences of using alcohol and other drugs.

In addition, teachers have a wonderful opportunity to discuss with their students the effects of substance abuse and how drugs and alcohol can negatively affect their lives.

This year CARE Dallas received many submissions, but the staff has selected 12 winners whose artwork will be displayed at NorthPark Center in the North Court from April 11-22.


1. Caroline "Be Yourself Don't Let Drugs Ruin You"

Caroline is in the 7th grade and she has a passion for piano, horseback riding, and volunteer work. In her spare time she finds it necessary to relax in order to keep up with her busy schedule.  She has a very close relationship with her family and enjoys entering art competitions. 


2. Harper "Don't Put Drugs On Your Grocery List"

Harper is in the 3rd grade and she likes to sing and play the guitar. When she’s not at school, she likes to read and draw. Harper loves to spend time with her 6 year old sister and also enjoys visiting Wyoming during the hot summer months.


3. Zoe "Don't Let Drugs Create Sadness In An Otherwise Happy Situation"

Playing soccer and baking are two of Zoe's favorite activities. She is a student in the 5th grade, and she also creates artwork and plays sports. Zoe loves her family and her pets very much.


4. Sasha "Let Sharks Chase Away Drugs"

Sasha is in the 4th grade and has a passion for tennis and swimming. After school she loves to play games and spend time with her family. Over the summer Sasha wants to set up a stand to collect money to help a local charity.


5. Hailey "Don't Let Drugs Trick You, They Are Not A Treat"

Hailey is in the 7th grade and she likes to play soccer with her team “Sting”. In her spare time she loves to swim. Hailey is also part of a group called "WE Group" that organizes fundraisers in order to help others.


6. Rachel "Wipe Out Drugs"

Rachel is in the 5th grade and plays soccer, basketball, and softball. She also likes to be outdoors with her family. This summer Rachel will be attending camps and helping her brother who has autism.


7. Gen "Hoo Would Want To Do Drugs"

Gen is in the 8th grade and she loves to play tennis.  When she’s not on the courts, she likes to create art and play with her dog. Over the summer Gen would like to volunteer at an animal shelter.


8. Stella "Drugs Are On The Lowest Level"

Stella is in the 5th grade and she has a passion for art. In her spare time she likes to read. Stella's summer plans include making food baskets for the homeless in Dallas.


9. Nico "Hit Drugs Out Of The Ballpark"

Nico is in the 2nd grade and he enjoys football, wrestling, swimming, and tae kwon do. When he’s not playing sports, he plays with his older brother and finishes homework. Over the summer Nico wants to give thanks to the local police officers for their service.


10. Helen "Don't Let Drugs End Your Journey"

Helen is in the 5th grade and she loves knitting and sewing clothes. When she’s not creating with needle and thread, she plays with her cat and rides horses. Over the summer she will help her school collect cleaning supplies for Habitat for Humanity.


11. Zariah "Drugs Live In Black And White You Should Live In Color"

Zariah is in the 5th grade and her favorite sport is track and field, but her passion is playing the  violin. In fact, she has been playing the violin since age three. In her spare time she reads. Over the summer she wants to help clean homes that may contain hazardous items.


12. Sofi "Don't Let Drugs Steal Your Life"

Sofi is in the 5th grade and she likes writing stories and letters. In her spare time she loves to play with her sister and pets.  Over the summer Sofi wants to volunteer for a mission trip to serve children in underprivileged countries.


Mary Martin

Mary is the founder of Lift Communications, a nonprofit marketing firm. She is also the Communications Manager for Touch A Life, an organization based in Dallas that provides care for child survivors of human trafficking in Ghana.

Mary loves reading, listening to podcasts, and baking bread. Orginially from Orlando, Florida, she lives in Frisco, Texas, with her husband, Damien, and their two young boys, Lucas and Elijah.